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Epic (tech) Fail Pt5

Data projector mounting: You’re doing it wrong. (although there is something admirable about sticking to cable-ties as a material)



Always better on the big screen

We just recently came through a season of reassessing our video projection system at Grace. Well the truth is – our old projectors had come to the end of their (somewhat miserable) lives and needed replacing. We probably wouldn’t have messed with them if we didn’t have to!

They were used to rear-project from small backstage rooms. To my great surprise – we discovered that try as we might we could not find a replacement projector that would fill the screen from the projection distance dictated by our room size – even if we bought from the same manufacturer! There was always the option of non-standard lenses, but anyone who has dabbled in the field of data projectors can tell you the lens often costs almost as much as the projector itself, and often has a negative effect on the projector brightness. We decided to experiment with front projection (which of course also meant replacing our screens!), bump up the brightness, switch to 16:9 projection, and move to HD.

We soon discovered that not all lumens are create equal – 5000lumens on a panasonic projector was very different to 5000 lumens on a sony, sanyo, epson or NEC projector. The spec sheets weren’t very helpful in the real world, so we resorted to as many onsite demos as we could arrange. In addition – good service from the vendors became a critical factor in our decision. We had really shocking experiences with Partserve – the support guys for Epson, and we weren’t going to go down that road again.

Eventually we settled on NEC projectors through digital voice processing. The projectors looked brighter than the similarly priced counterparts and came with a great feature-set, letting us tweak almost everything, and with amazing wireless network integration. (My projectors now email me when they are unhappy – no kidding!). The install guys really went above and beyond, and helped us with loan units as our old projectors floundered.
We’ve been on this system for around 6 months now, and have for the most part had our expectations surpassed. Obviously I have a lot more to include around the pros and cons of front projection/16:9/HD – but I’d love to hear about your experiences with your projections systems – feel free to comment!
Lastly a big thanks to Steve and Brian at Digital Voice for their help.