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Out the corner of your eye…

How do you see your congregants?

But really though.

I wonder… Ask yourself honestly. How do you see your congregation? Whether sound or lights or video person, if you’re an admin person, or even a pastoral person.

Close your eyes and put yourself at the tech desk on a Sunday – during the opening song out the corner of your eye you see that person sauntering towards you – they are now telling you how they think you could do your job better, or complaining about the volume, the aircon, and the light in their eyes. The coffee, the parking, the typo and the drums. Also – did they mention the light in their eyes? As they are speaking – what are the words that materialize in your mind? (Don’t write them in the comment section!)

How do you see your congregation?

Are they a distraction? an irritation? Or worse?

I’m an introverted tech person – dealing with people is not the most energizing part of my job, and yet, with much reluctance, over the years I have come to understand that people are the beginning, middle and end of what we do.

I can think of many occasions when I’ve missed this, and grateful for the grace extended to me to figure it out! This is an everyday discipline for me and I’m sure many of you too.

Please understand – I’m not suggesting that you have to pander to everyone’s whims. Pleasing everyone is impossible – and a highway to hatred and burnout.

I’m simply encouraging you to remember that ultimately, no matter how impressive your systems, policies, gear, buildings, lights or staff – they exist to serve the people. Not the other way around.